Atencoin: A Coin Designed for Government Compliance

In the cryptocurrency world we have seen coins come and go. It is rare to find a new coin that is doing major things. Atencoin is a coin that is walking the walk. It is the first coin that meets strict KYC/AML standards. With Atencoin it is known at all times who holds each coin. This is because to acquire Atencoin? Users must first provide full KYC documents. This will reduce the number of fraudulent activities  Bitcoin is synonymous with. Like Silk road and money laundering. 

Furthermore Atencoin is a theft proof coin. While thousands of hacks are taking place in cryptocurrency realm, Atencoin has built a system that is safe for the user.

Some of the most exciting news about Atencoin is their upcoming conference in Poland. Especially considering that it is the first conference that is dedicated entirely for an altcoin. According to the founder Marcus Andrade the conference will be sold out in Warsaw Poland October 28th. This is a pretty remarkable for a coin that is not well known in the bitcoin space.

Speaking with Marcus Andrade I found out that Aten Black Coin has built a coin that would be completely compliant with governments. Blockchain technology is well understood now. Banks and governments from around the world are exploring it. Aten realized the potential early on and in 2012 started building a currency designed for world trade. Unlike bitcoin, Atencoin is designed to work with regulators.

In a recent Press Release the NAC announced their proprietary core technology for Aten “Black Gold” Coin. This invention involves a “privately-regulated public blockchain”, which is a novel concept and can be considered as the 4 th type of the blockchain technology. Anyone in the world can read the Aten Coin blockchain and participate in transaction verification and Aten Coin mining. Aten Coin is only regulated when it comes to KYC/AML compliance and anti-terrorist compliance.

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